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Grown Heeyah

Mom, Dad, and I grow the best microgreens & the prettiest flowers in Southern Maine. I have my own about page and hoping someday I will have my own blog. For now my job is to escort Mom wherever she goes and protect her from any dangerous rodents!

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We live & work by these core values. We allow these to guide us toward our goals and determine whether we are on the right path.

We use the acronym Leadership to keep our values front and center.

Love, Education, Accountability, Differences, Elevate, Respect, Sustainable, Hope, Imaginative, Passion

We strive to live in a world full of love where people are accountable to themselves and one another. Our goals are to build a sustainable community where our differences are respected and used to elevate all of us, inspire imagination, and ignite passion.

Flowers and microgreens exemplify this concept.  We can admire and love the uniqueness of them individually. However, when a mix of greens is plated or flowers are combined in a bouquet, that is where the true magic happens. Their differences compliment and elevate one another.  When grown in a field, one flower type can deplete the earth, many types grown together creates a sustainable ecosystem that benefits the earth. The long and short, we were meant to be beautiful because we are different not because we are the same!

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