FAQ's for Microgreens

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Non-GMO really mean? 

Non-GM, according to the NON-GMO Project means that the product was produced without genetic engineering.  The mad scientist did not alter the product in a laboratory! Check out the Non GMO Project to learn more!  https://www.nongmoproject.org

What are organic practices? 

Organic practices work in harmony with nature and not against it.  No synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, or pesticides are used. Heeyah at Grown Heeyah we grow better than organic as we do not use and pesticides, herbicides, insecticide.  We use organic soil, water, and LED lights for our indoor products and the natural sunlight for our outdoor products.  Check out the EPA website to learn more about organic practices.  https://www.epa.gov/agriculture/organic-farming#:~:text=%22Organically%20grown%22%20food%20is%20food,in%20producing%20organically%20grown%20food. 

Why do our microgreens last so long? 

Our products are cut no earlier than 24 hours prior to delivery, allowing you to get the longest shelf life from them! 

What does compostable mean? 

It is the recycling of organic waste to turn it into soil. Compostable products leave behind an organic matter called humus. We have included an article from Good Start Packaging that explains the benefits to this type of packaging.